Parson’s Corner

August 2021

Sabbath Rest

Just home from a Sunday afternoon concert of the Endless Moutains Music Festival.  The airport hanger.  Breezy cold and rainy – not just raining – thunderstorm rainy.  But the orchestra was wonderful in spite of it all.

Rain, and a bit of thunder now at home, preparing supper.  And it is a peaceful time.  The windows are still open, I can hear the patter, and yet all seems – well, peaceful.  (Though my 2-acres of lawn don’t need more rain!  Thank you, God.)

But for me Sunday evenings are a blessing.  Whether the sun is shining and I light a campfire in my “Cowboy Grill.”  Our new home doesn’t have a real fireplace.  I took our electric logs and bought a fireplace surround from Wayfair – “Sue, we can’t just put the logs on the carpet floor!”  I said, when we bought the house.)  I need to find a Yankee Candle that actually smells like a campfire.  Some are close, but.

The quietude that Jesus walked out in the middle of the night several times in the Gospels, if only he had a campfire to draw him in – but I doubt that Jesus really needed a campfire.  But I like to think that He would sit around, even with his 12 camping buddies, and just sit, roasting marshmallows and dreaming.

I can see Jesus doing that.  I think I have seen Jesus doing that.  Right beside friends and family who have gathered with me around the campfire.

But for me today, it is sitting, hearing the rain – and the thunder – and hearing echoes of orchestral music, and the ponderings of this mornings’ worship services – I hear the Choir singing my favorite tune to “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

Peacefulness and Sabbath Rest be with you, when and wherever you may find it.